Matchday Ops

It takes a lot of work to pull off matchdays in the Flock End. From tifo and banner painting leading up to the match, coordinating with pre- and post-game venues, marching to the stadium, and leading the masses in song and support for FMFC. The Flock’s Matchday Ops Committee oversees all of the above and more.

Interested in getting involved? Read on and reach out via the contact form below if anything piques your interest.

Matchday Ops roles


Visual Support

Matchday support isn’t just about singing. Banners, flags, display tifo (among others) play a crucial role in creating a proper atmosphere that lifts and encourages the home team and intimidates/distracts/annoys the away team. There’s always a need for help with designing banners and tifo, and you can put your muscle to work waving flags. Drop a line in the form below and our visual support folks will reach out!

Section Captain

Section Captains are the first point of contact for any issue that arises during matches. This may include helping supporters with questions, diffusing disagreements, and working with stadium security to remove gross offenders of our Code of Conduct. Section captains must commit full mental capabilities during the match. Alcohol is okay, but don’t be drunk. If someone approaches a section captain with an issue, the section captains options are either: A) attempt to diffuse the situation on their own or B) alert a security guard to the issue so (s)he can take appropriate action. For any issue that the section captain believes warrants dismissal from the match, a security guard should be contacted.


Capos are responsible for coordinating chants, songs, cheers for the Flock End. The Capo would be expected to lead these efforts for the entirety of the game with the exception of halftime. The capo also MUST be sober during the game, no exceptions. The Capo should be someone who is vocal and possess leadership abilities in order to be effective. Capos will be determined by members of The Flock’s Matchday Ops committee.


Musicians will be responsible for playing musical instruments in the Flock End. Musicians must be able to play their instrument in unison with other instrumentalists, percussionists, and other vocalizing supporters. Musicians will take their lead from Capos. Musicians must be approved prior to matchdays by The Flock’s Matchday Ops committee. Musicians will be responsible for properly/responsibly storing of borrowed instruments after the match has ended.


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