Board & Committee Leads

2020 Board of Directors Candidates

Elections for the 2020 Flock Board of Directors will be held at Jardin from 12 PM - 3 PM, on Saturday, October 26th. All who identify as a member of The Flock are welcome to vote in the General Election. There are no fees or regulations. For individuals unable to attend the General Election, please submit your name and mailing address via email. The Secretary will begin to send out Absentee ballots by Tuesday, October 8th. The Flock will provide a stamped return envelope and must be returned with a postmark no later than Saturday, October 19th. For any further inquires, please email Brendan.

The 2020 election will decide elected positions for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and two (2) At-Large Directors. Click here for descriptions.




Andrew Schmidt

I've been a mainstay in the Madison soccer-supporting scene since 2010, and have a passion for supporter culture as well as growing and organizing communities. As Flock co-founder and President in 2019, I worked hard to help establish our organizational structure as well as create opportunities within the FMFC community for people to connect, engage, and support the team their own way. I helped advise FMFC's brand identity prior to launch, including our club crest. I coordinated the acquisition of The Flock's drums, flags, and the logistics of much of our matchday operations. I brand-managed and also personally designed much of the merchandise The Flock sold in 2019, which in turn helped us establish a positive financial state going into the 2020 season. I'm a big believer in equipping and empowering people, and believe that true leadership requires sacrifice and service. This club, The Flock, and the combined success of both is ingrained into me as a person and I'll give it my all again next season, regardless of held office. While I'm proud of our accomplishments in year one, I know we can be bigger and better in 2020 and have every intention of helping that happen.


April Kigeya

I am a graduate of UW-Madison with a BA in Legal Studies. I have a long track record of program management, leadership, community engagement, and outreach through previous roles including UW-Madison, Target Corporation, and Unity Point Health Meriter. My work extends into the community by my service on the UW-Madison Black Cultural Center Advisory Board, the Madison Area Diversity Roundtable, African American Opioid Coalition, the City of Madison Affirmative Action Commission, Overture Center Community Advisory Board and by serving as a Board of Director for Pathways of Wisconsin. My current work as Special Project Manager for the Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness, and Outreach Specialist for UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, I continue my work in community engagement and outreach within Dane County. This extended to the Flock and FMFC when I became involved last March. Little did I know that reaching out to the Flock would not propel me to Co-found Mingo Ladies and Featherstone Flamingos, but also gain a few hundred people who I now consider my family; people that I only would have met through this beautiful game of soccer. Next year, I hope to extend that into the greater Madison community and build on what we have started this year. I want people regardless of their economic, physical ability, sexual orientation , religious, race or ethnic background to feel welcome and engaged. We are off to a great start, but we still have a lot of work to do, and I am excited to continue that work going in to 2020.




Amanda VanNatta

I am a CPA and work at Wegner CPAs as a Senior Manager in the firm’s Assurance Department. I have over 10 years of experience in public accounting and for the last 8 has concentrated in the not for profit tax area. My experience includes serving a variety of clients including unions, publicly supported organizations, advocacy organizations, PACs and government grant funded organizations. I am passionate about advising organizations about how to be and stay tax exempt. I also have extensive experience representing organizations in IRS audits with unrelated business income issues and applying for exempt status.

A skeptic when season tickets were bought for the family at the beginning of the season, it has been one of the best decisions I ever made. The energy at the games, the environment – I fall in love every time. The community we are creating is intoxicating and welcoming and hence, I am running for the board to be more a part of it. #FullMingo #UptheGos


Sara Scott

Hello, fellow flockers! Though I am relatively new to The Flock, joining you all for my first game in May, it has quickly become a second home for me. The secretary position seemed like a natural way for me to use my talents to give back to a group that has already given me so much. When I’m not in The Flock End, I spend my days an Accreditation Specialist for the UW School of Medicine & Public Health, ensuring that the School’s continuing education activities meet various accreditor requirements. In addition, I serve as a by-laws and compliance Advisory Board Member to the Philippine-American Association of Madison and Neighboring Areas. Both of these positions require a meticulous attention to process and detail - an ideal complement to the requirements of the secretary position. I firmly believe in The Flock, its purpose, and missions and whether it is in the position of secretary or though some other participation, I will do all I can to further the success of this season into 2020 and beyond.



Chris Fox

The Flock has given me a new life in Madison based on the familial and inclusiveness and culture. Along with co-founding Featherstone Flamingos, I served as a creative director for The Flock’s Branding and Merch committee in the 2019 season, helping to craft modern, provocative looks and products, the sales of which helped The Flock set a solid financial base. I also am a capo, drummer, and all-around jack-of-all-trades on matchday. My community outreach experience includes working with the AIDS Resource Center, the Needle Exchange Program, and volunteering as a coach for youth sports in Madison. I believe the things that make us who we are as individuals and as a diverse collective are incredibly important and should be celebrated. I will continue to work hard to foster the sense of family and inclusivity we see in the stands on matchday, as well as maintain the reputation we’ve built in the media and with other clubs’ supporters. I fully plan to continue to be a resource and utility man for all FMFC supporters.

Toots over Denver 2020


Kyle Carr

My name is Kyle Carr, I am the lead for the auditory side of matchday ops. I decided to run for an at-large position so I can continue assisting The Flock and all the supporters group as much as possible; while also providing representation and willingness to to try and help when I can. The Flock has become its own community and to see it grow has been phenomenal to see. I have been able to help out since the beginning and I truly want to continue making the steps towards having it be the best group it can be.



Kyle Griffin

I have been an At-Large board member in The Flock for the 2019 season in addition to leading the Social and Marketing committee. While not leading chants as a capo on matchdays, I’m not really sure what to do with myself despite having an incredible soccer game being right there in front of us. Away from The Flock (if there is such a thing), I am a meteorologist and software developer and enjoys the art of making beer and the lesser art of drinking beer.


William Schultz

Hello fellow Flockers! My name is William Schultz (aka Coach Bill) and I'm running for Member At-Large on The Flock board. For those of you who don't know me, in addition to being a rabid Forward Madison, Minnesota United, and Manchester United fan, I'm also head coach of our local wheelchair soccer team, the Wisconsin Warriors. My favorite thing about being a part of The Flock this year has been the engagement we've been able to foster from so many different communities in and around Madison in our first season. If you elect me to the board, my primary focus will be to continue the awesome work the board has done this year to make Flock End accessible and welcoming to people from traditionally underrepresented communities including people with disabilities like myself, people of color, and LGBTQ+ folks. As coach of the Warriors, I've had a hand in planning countless events and engaging with community partners all over the Madison area. I'm excited for the opportunity to bring my organizing experience to the Flock board and continue to build community partners and community awareness around the beautiful game here in Madison!


Board Role Descriptions

The President provides Board leadership by coordinating all ISA activities, presiding over all Board meetings, acting as the primary contact with external organizations (e.g. the club, City Council, police department, etc.), and execute all documents authorized by the ISA.

The Vice President provides Board leadership by assisting the President in coordinating all ISA activities, filling in for President when needed (Board or external meetings).

The Treasurer is responsible for providing financial oversight that promotes and maintains the fiscal stability of the ISA; fills in for President/Vice President when needed (Board or external meetings). The Treasurer shall make an annual report to the ISA showing in detail the amount, investment, income, and disbursements from the funds in their charge.

The Secretary is responsible for overseeing sound practices for documentation and effective procedures for Board communication; fills in for the President/Vice President when needed (Board or external meetings). The Secretary shall send the ISA the minutes of the preceding regular meeting minutes and the agenda for a regular meeting at least three calendar days prior to the meeting date.

At-Large Directors provide general leadership, advice, and support for the Board, the ISA, and its community; fills in for the President/Vice-President when needed (Board or external meetings).