Need a place to stay while you are in Madison? Check out some of our favorite spots to stay.

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Luxury & Comfort

The AC Marriott is the latest addition for a luxurious hospitality experience in downtown Madison. It features a rooftop restaurant that offers one of the best views of not just the city but our state’s capitol building. Aside from being a few blocks from the capitol, you can turn right around and follow East Washington Avenue straight to Breese Steven Field for the match!

Right around the corner from where State Street, Madison’s most happening street meets the Captiol Square you will find one of Madison’s premiere hotels, The Concourse Hotel. Offering a more personalized and independent experience the Concourse takes pride in not being just another chain hotel. Enjoy all the comforts of a high quality downtown hotel with a convenient 20 minutes walk down to the stadium.

The Edgewater has been welcoming guests through its doors for over 65 years. Founded in 1948 the Edgewater hotel is an award winning hotel and spa just a few minutes walk from the capitol square. Located right on Lake Mendota, the hotel offers some of the best views in the whole city. Aside from the stunning vistas and convenient location, the Edgewater offers a multitude of dining outlets and spa experiences to keep you entertained before match day!


Hip & Happening

Located within walking distance of Breese Steven Field and in the heart of the Willy Street neighborhood, The Marquette Hotel is a great option for experiencing one of the most famous neighborhoods in Madison. Aside from being able to walk to the stadium, you’ll also be just minutes away from incredible restaurants, trendy bars & breweries.

Next up, if corporate chain hotels aren’t quite your thing then check out something a bit more personal & intimate at Hotel Ruby Marie. Established in 1837 as a Public House for newcomers to Madison, it now serves a boutique hospitality experience just minutes from the Capitol Square and all the wonderful attractions of the downtown area.

Another option that is a little more in the heart of the downtown area the Graduate Hotel offers a unique experience unlike any other. Meant to highlight the spirit of Madison, the Graduate is decorated in a way to make you think you’ve literally walked into Wisconsin. Located just a few blocks from the University of Wisconsin campus and just steps away from the historic State Street area, you are sure to gather a great understanding of what makes Madison so special.


Madison, WI

Budget Conscious

While trying to save some money on your trip to Madison there are plenty of options in some of the outlying areas. Sacrificing a little convenience with location will ensure some extra money for food, drink & souvenirs. Not to worry though, getting around Madison is quite easy. With the help of apps like Uber & Lyft, the use of the local bus line and the general proximity of the major areas in town you will find it very easy to traverse our city.