Supporter Groups


The Flock is our amassed voice; a collective of affiliated supporter groups and independent fans. Here you’ll find ways to connect with local and regional supporter groups who support the key vision of The Flock: to unite all Forward Madison supporters, to foster loud, vibrant, and unwavering support for Forward Madison FC, and to engage and serve the community in Madison and its outlying areas.

Madison-based Groups



An all inclusive supporter group of Forward Madison FC who aim to celebrate and promote Black Culture. Brothers and Sisters of The Flock.



La Barra 608

Somos un grupo de aficionados de Forward Madison FC , fundado por y para latinos. Todos son bienvenidos, sin importar de dónde vengan. Somos parte de la familia The Flock



Mingo Ladies

Supporters Group of Forward Madison focused on promoting female involvement in the Flock and the community. All the Mingo Ladies, now put your scarves up!



The Union

Grounded in tradition and steadfast in our love for our club. Through thick and thin, we Keep the Faith. Support the Club, Celebrate the Sport, and Serve the Community.


Regional Groups

We love it when people want to spread the gospel of FMFC outside of the Madison metro area. If you're interested in forming your own affiliated regional supporter group, the guidelines are as follows:

  • Primary focus of group is to support FMFC and build the community.

  • Establish a local viewing place to watch matches in your area.

  • Create a Facebook Page and Twitter account for your group. These are the simplest ways to organize and for people in your area to find you.

Get in touch via our contact form.

The Flock Family (Affiliation)

The Flock is an Independent Supporters Association (ISA); a collective of individual supporters and supporter groups of Forward Madison FC made up of people from all walks of life. We come from different countries, speak different languages, have different politics, worldviews, and faith beliefs. Rather than let these differences separate us, we choose to embrace them. All are welcome, regardless of background, gender, or ethnicity.

Affiliating your supporters group with The Flock is free and there are great benefits. We can provide free web hosting, group discounts on tickets and merchandise, discounts at our pre/post/away match viewing venues, as well as support for activities such as away match travel. We can also help groups create, order, and sell merch, and assist you in any communications with the club. Drop us a line to learn more.

Requirements for local (Madison area-based) supporter group affiliation:

  • Primary focus of group is to support FMFC and build the community.

  • Uphold and enforce the FMFC Supporters Code of Conduct.

  • Affiliated groups must maintain contact with the Flock board and other affiliated FMFC supporter groups, as well as support the work of The Flock ISA.

Sound good? Get in touch via our contact form.