April Kigeya: Why I'm Flock End


The great Scottish player and coach Jock Stein once said, “Football is nothing without fans.” Presenting #WhyImFlockEnd: a weekly series highlighting members of Forward Madison FC’s Independent Supporters Association, affectionately termed The Flock.

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April Kigeya


I first became involved in soccer when my oldest son started playing when he was 5.

I watched as my husband coached him through his Rec years, then as he played Club for Wisconsin RUSH, played varsity for Memorial his Freshman and sophomore years before playing for Shattuck St. Mary’s in Minnesota his junior and senior year of high school. During that time my love and understanding for soccer grew and I have become a tried and true fan of the game. My youngest son will be playing U8 in the Spring, and I am excited for him to have a team right here in Madison to cheer for and look up to. Madison (Middleton and Verona) have such huge youth soccer communities and the addition of the Forward Madison team is going to elevate the city on so many levels.

What makes you excited to be a part of The Flock this year?

I want to help create a diverse and inclusive fan base. This is an exciting time for Madison and I'm thrilled to be able to have a small part in that.

Where did you grow up, what's your hometown like, and what brought you to Madison?

I was born in Long Beach, California, but grew up in San Bernardino. As a kid, I loved being able to drive up to the Mountains to sled, then come back home and put shorts on. I can’t do that here, though I have seen a few folks with shorts in the winter.

What are you looking forward to most about Forward Madison's inaugural season?

I am looking forward to seeing the Community come out for the games. I can envision game days filled with kids, grandparents, and families alike speaking many different languages, with different abilities, and with different political views in enjoying the same space. But as soon as that ball is kicked into the back of the net, we all speak the same language, we are all rooting for the same thing — football!


I’m Flock End

Because I want to help create a diverse and inclusive fanbase.

Favorite place to hang out with friends in Madison?

One of my favorite places to hang out with family and friends is the Union Terrace. During the summer, you can enjoy live music, watch boats glide by on the water while having a brat and beer.

What song or album is on your heavy rotation right now?

11 minutes by Halsey feat Travis Barker is a song that I have listened to daily since it was released. Halsey has such an amazing voice.

Which of the Forward Madison players announced so far are you most excited to see play?

Paulo Junior, Brian Bement, and Zaire Bartley. I had a chance to watch them play against UW Parkside last Friday and can’t wait to see them play during the Season.