Chris Fox: Why I'm Flock End


The great Scottish player and coach Jock Stein once said, “Football is nothing without fans.” Presenting #WhyImFlockEnd: a weekly series highlighting members of Forward Madison FC’s Independent Supporters Association, affectionately termed The Flock.


Chris Fox


I was fortunate enough to spend my early years as a child in London with my expat grandfather. Football was a way of life! In school, on the streets, and at home.

I lived and breathed it.

I am Flock End first and foremost for my love and passion for the game, and secondly for the love and passion for this great city I call home. Growing up biracial, one of the only places I found no resist was the football pitch. Be it in a gym, field, or back alley for a kick-about. My hope is that having Forward Madison FC in this city can help others young and old find that love; that passion, and let them know as well that this is a community and a game that supports all, regardless of background, race, ethnicity, gender, etc. Reaching out to all corners to open up eyes that may not be reached otherwise.

What makes you excited to be a part of The Flock End this year?

Meeting new supporters and helping create a welcoming atmosphere to those new to the game.

How did you get into soccer, and what does it mean to you?

Living with my grandfather in London for some years and following his love for the game I grew to understand and love it.

Who's your all-time favorite footballer and why?

Gianfranco Zola is my favorite footballer due to his intuition of the game, aggressiveness and creativity.

What are you looking forward to most about Forward Madison's inaugural season?

Seeing how the community responds and reaching out to show how we can unite and promote our city and our club!!


I am Flock End

first and foremost for my love and passion for the game, and secondly for the love and passion for this great city I call home.

What aspect of soccer supporter culture would you like to see in the Flock End?

I would like to see in the Flock End is tifo. I love it, as well as songs and chants. Give me the lot!

Favorite place to hang out with friends in Madison?

Favorite place to hang is the NOMAD yet I’m biased as I’ve worked at both MKE and Madison location.

What song or album is on your heavy rotation right now?

Album that’s on heavy rotation is Big K.R.I.T. - TDT

What's your favorite or most memorable soccer match that you've been to?

February 22nd, 1997. Chelsea vs Manchester United at the Bridge with my grandfather. I got to see my GOAT Gianfranco and the young Beckham score.

Which of the Forward Madison players announced so far are you most excited to see play?

Most excited about Brian Sylvester. As a keeper myself I fully understand the responsibility one takes on in that role.

When Chris isn’t looking pretty for photos, you can probably find him at Nomad World Pub, playing a DJ set as Jean Le Duc, or keeping goal for Madison’s Gaelic Football Club.