Omar Anguiano: Why I'm Flock End


The great Scottish player and coach Jock Stein once said, “Football is nothing without fans.” Presenting #WhyImFlockEnd: a weekly series highlighting members of Forward Madison FC’s Independent Supporters Association, affectionately termed The Flock.


Omar Anguiano


Growing up I always watched fútbol because of my dad.

Every weekend we watched Club América. I even remember ordering on PPV the final of La Copa Confederaciones, Mexico vs Brazil. Playing was a different story. I always played at the park with my friends around the neighborhood but never actually played on an organized team until I was a freshman in high school. Growing up I never really heard about teams like you do now.

I believe kids now have more of a chance to be part of this amazing sport. As co-founder of La Barra 608, I hope we can bring in the diversity that fútbol has to offer to Madison. Our plan in the future is to work with local leaders and Forward Madison FC on how we can provide even more options/programs to the Latino community.

What makes you excited to be a part of The Flock End this year?

I think I'm most excited about being able to be part of a soccer community that has grown a lot in such a short time.

How did you get into soccer, and what does it mean to you?

I always watched soccer games on TV. I even remember when we had to order a Mexico vs Brazil game on PPV in 1999 for La Copa Confederaciones. I never really started playing until I was a freshman in high school.

Who's your all-time favorite footballer and why?

It would have to be Cuauhtémoc Blanco. He always had some creative way of thinking on the field that made him really unique for example La Cuautemiña aka The Bunny Hop.

What are you looking forward to most about Forward Madison's inaugural season?

Being co founder of La Barra 608 we want to bring that Hispanic culture to the game. So bringing the flags, songs and chants to this first season would be what I'm most excited about.


I am Flock End

because as co-founder of La Barra 608, I hope we can bring in the diversity that fútbol has to offer to the Madison community.

Favorite place to hang out with friends in Madison?

Main spot would the Memorial Union during the summer. You're out by the lake having some food and drinks. There's always live music.

What song or album is on your heavy rotation right now?

Logic - Bobby Tarantino II

What's your favorite or most memorable soccer match that you've been to?

It would be when my brother and I drove to Ann Arbor to see Real Madrid vs Chelsea. The day before we hung out by the stadium and got to meet Zidane and James Rodríguez. Game day was amazing with over 100,000 fans.

Which of the Forward Madison players announced so far are you most excited to see play?

I'm really excited to see J.C Banks. He's got the vision to find the open man and he's not afraid to take the long shot. Plus he's a Wisconsin native.