Tyler Engel: Why I'm Flock End


The great Scottish player and coach Jock Stein once said, “Football is nothing without fans.” Presenting #WhyImFlockEnd: a weekly series highlighting members of Forward Madison FC’s Independent Supporters Association, affectionately termed The Flock.


Tyler Engel


Throughout my whole life, I have always been very interested in sports. I watched all of the “normal” American sports, football, baseball and basketball. There wasn’t much exposure to soccer in the 90s besides maybe the World Cup. I went to a few Milwaukee Wave games when I was young through my involvement with MDA, but besides that I wasn’t really into soccer.

When I was in high school, my parents told me about a new wheelchair sport that someone was trying to start a team here in Madison. I have been involved in adaptive sports growing up, but most of the sports I found weren’t competitive, or I couldn’t compete fully since I don’t have the upper body strength to push a manual chair.

After my first power soccer practice, I knew this wasn’t an adaptive sport in that I could compete completely independently and at a high level. This is when I started to follow soccer more.

Throughout college and beyond, I have had the chance to meet people from around the world and been able to bond with them over soccer. Everyone I’ve met in the soccer community is always accepting and tend to be genuinely interested in the sport in all of its forms. I love that the sport brings together many people of different backgrounds, and that everyone wants to give back to the community as well.

What makes you excited to be a part of The Flock this year?

I’m excited to help build the culture of The Flock this year. Everyone I have met so far had been so enthusiastic and supportive, I’m excited to feed off the energy and help in any way I can!

Who's your all-time favorite footballer and why?

It’s a little cliché, but my favorite player is Messi. I can’t help but be in awe of his skills and being able to take an accurate shot in almost any situation.

What are you looking forward to most about Forward Madison's inaugural season?

I’m excited for the atmosphere of the games. Everyone involved in the club, from the fans to the management, are committed to doing things right and having an exciting atmosphere for the players and fans.


I am Flock End

Because I’m excited to help build the culture of The Flock this year; to feed off the energy and help in any way I can!

Favorite place to hang out with friends in Madison?

One of my favorite places in the summer is McPike Park. I love having a farmer’s market close by, and there’s live music there almost every week.

What's your favorite or most memorable soccer match that you've been to?

I haven’t been to a soccer game since I was a young kid and went to a few Milwaukee Wave games. But the most memorable soccer match was one I was involved in last summer. It was the semi finals of the US Power soccer (wheelchair soccer) national tournament. We ended up going into 4 overtimes and lost on a penalty kick. Even though we lost, I’ll never forget that game.

Which of the Forward Madison players announced so far are you most excited to see play?

I’m excited to see Josiel Núñez. You can’t beat having a player with international experience on your team.

When Tyler isn’t at Breese Stevens cheering on the ‘Gos, he’s probably racking up assists and goals for Wisconsin Warriors.